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Our machine allows you to peel onions up to a ton and a half per hour.

Our onion peeling process

Onion Peeling Machine

The husk can be peeled off an uncalibrated onion - its size is irrelevant.

wysypana cebula z worka

Stage one

In the first stage, it undergoes the scoring process with the use of circular knives with wheels which limit the depth of the blade’s cut into the onion. We were the first company to use the round knives enabling the possibility of performing a long incision in this process. This helps the shell to be thoroughly blown out in the next step. We also used a pneumatic scoring system, which allows to regulate the pressure force of the knives very precisely.

Our product

Stage two

In the second stage, the scored onion enters the next segment of the machine, the so-called air blower, which, through the rotating air pressure nozzles, rips the husk off the onion. We developed this rotary airblowing system ourselves, for which we obtained a patent issued by the patent office of the Republic of Poland (Urząd Patentowy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej) in 2018. The onion in the process of airblowing of the husk is rotated through the roller system, and at the same time moved towards the outlet and chute for further packaging.

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Our product
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Waste minimization

In the whole process of peeling onions, we paid special attention to obtaining as little waste as possible. We can admit that we have achieved this goal with great success. We have the ability to adjust the air impact force, we can change the height of the nozzle and the pressure force of the blades during cutting as well as the speed of the rollers. All these possibilities of adjusting the settings to the appropriate configuration for the onion also allow to obtain impressive results of its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

So far, the waiting time for the machine has not been longer than 6 weeks, and we also provide the execution and start-up of the machine at the customer’s site for up to 6 weeks.

Yes, we cooperate with both banks and leasing companies where our machine is located in their database, which makes it easier to obtain favorable financing.

Yes, of course. We deliver the machine anywhere in the country, we provide training for people operating the machine and we start it up.

Yes, we can show the machine during peeling process both at our customers, where we have permission to do so, as well as within our premises, because we also deal with peeling onions.

We provide a 12-month warranty regardless of the number of hours worked by the machine. After the warranty period has elapsed, we provide access to all parts and perform inspections at the customer’s request. The service response time in the event of a malfunction is 24 hours from the moment of reporting to the company.

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